European coronavirus measures hitting Spain’s tourism sector


Britain and several other European countries have imposed measures to limit travel to Spain, fearing the spread of the coronavirus. Following are some of the main restrictions and advice on taking holidays in Spain:

BRITAIN – The British government announced late on July 25 it was imposing a 14-day quarantine on travellers returning from Spain, with the move coming into effect just hours later. It also advised against all but essential travel to mainland Spain.

FRANCE – The government advised citizens on July 24 not to travel to Catalonia. The border with Spain remains open, but Prime Minister Jean Castex said he was in talks with the Spanish government to reduce traffic flows.

NORWAY – Norway announced a 10-day quarantine on July 24, to take effect the following day, for people arriving from Spain.

IRELAND – The government announced a “green list” of countries on July 22 for whom a 14-day quarantine requirement for travellers was lifted, but it did not include Spain, so the quarantine requirement still stands for travellers from there.

BELGIUM – Under the government’s latest measures on July 24, the whole of Lleida province in Catalonia and Huesca province in Aragon are on a red list of areas where travel is prohibited and that require a quarantine for returning travellers.

Belgium also has an orange list of regions, travellers from which are recommended to take a test and self-quarantine. As of July 24 that includes Catalonia, Aragon, La Rioja, Estremadura, Navarra and the Basque country.

GERMANY – As of July 24 the government has advised people against travel to a few areas designated high-risk in Spain, but has not imposed a ban or quarantine. The areas are part of Lleida province including the city of Lleida, and the city of Zaragoza.

NETHERLANDS – The government advised citizens on July 25 not to travel to the city of Lleida and surrounding areas except when absolutely necessary. For the rest of Spain it says travellers need to be acutely aware of health risks, but has not imposed restrictions.

POLAND – As of July 26, the government recommends avoiding non-essential travel to Catalonia.


PHOTO> British tourists returning to UK, check in their luggage, as Britain imposed a two-week quarantine on all travellers arriving from Spain. REUTERS

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