Ukraine rebels: We will honor the cease-fire

Images of the slain toddler have dominated international headlines (AFP Photo)
Associated Press
Insurgents in eastern Ukraine promised Monday to honor a cease-fire declared by the Ukrainian president and engage in more talks to help resolve the conflict that has left hundreds dead in eastern Ukraine.

The announcement came on the first day of talks between a former Ukrainian president, the Russian ambassador, European officials and the eastern separatists who have declared independence.
The negotiations were launched in line with President Petro Poroshenko\’s peace plan, which started with a weeklong unilateral cease-fire Friday to uproot the mutiny that has engulfed the nation\’s industrial east.
Alexander Borodai, one of the rebel leaders who took part in Monday\’s talks in Donetsk, said they would respect the one-week cease-fire declared by Poroshenko that lasts through 0700 GMT (2 a.m. EDT) Friday.
Rebels also promised to release observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe whom they have held hostage.
The insurgents had previously demanded the Ukrainian military withdraw its troops from the east as a condition for talks, so Borodai\’s statements represented a softening of their stance and raised expectations that the cease-fire could hold.
Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of fomenting the rebellion in the east by sending troops and weapons across the border, but Moscow has denied that and insisted that Russian citizens who joined the insurgents were volunteers.
The Ukrainian government has accused the rebels of firing at government forces\’ positions since the unilateral cease-fire was announced, while insurgents have accused the Ukrainian forces of failing to observe it. Poroshenko has said that government troops will fire back if attacked.
Poroshenko\’s office said Monday that he had offered Russia a chance to send its own observers to join the OSCE mission in Ukraine to see that government troops were observing the cease-fire.
Monday\’s talks involved Ukraine\’s ex-President Leonid Kuchma, the Russian ambassador to Ukraine and an envoy from the OSCE.
Russia has welcomed the peace plan but urged the Ukrainian government to engage in talks with the insurgents, who have seized official buildings, declared independence and fought government troops over the past two months. Hundreds of people have been killed and tens of thousands have fled their homes.
Source –  AP
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