Coronavirus a great teacher


By Adel Allaf Salehi

As we know there is a ruling system in the universe we call Ecosystem. It has been active from the beginning but sometimes it strikes a specie badly like dinosaurs. They were eating everything, every plant, every animal, fearful kings of the earth. So they had to be controlled.

After millions of years, earth found another violator king called human being. They dug all resources out and spread all over the planet; deserts, jungles, seas, islands and even space. Other species were considered as enemies and hunted. Million population-cities were built. Everywhere was full of trash and waste even the space.

Then Ecosystem, this only ruler of all times, started a sudden control of the threat. The specie that had come after all beings to experience something sublime, live a different living; prophets came to guild to that purpose. But that proud specie has a habit of forgetting.

A tiny virus unlike any other virus that human could control, started from nowhere. They say from an animal as always; these poor enemies of all times. Coronavirus,the lawful and powerful messenger of Ecosystem. Again human started to open a war front upon this new enemy. “Destroying Corona”, “defeating Corona” and “fighting Corona” are the Repetitious banners they are holding again after thousand times.

But this new-arrived messenger has changed everything; populations, working relationships, emotional bonds, economical structures….

Cities are Quarantined; everyone is at home, just real initial needs are answered (shelter, food); fashion branding is gone, car companies are producing Breathing apparatus. All fake needs gone. Another lifestyle is showing itself. Routine lifestyle that was consisted of working, sleeping, going to bars, traveling, going party and just consumption is changing. Humans are given an amazing chance to think again.

For hundreds of years we are living this lifestyle.

Why are we working so lot? To have money

Why do we need money? To pay our bills and recharge credit cards

Why do we need credit cards? To buy houses, cars, pay for college fees, pay for clothing, To buy, buy and buy.

Coronavirus is showing us that life is possible without these. Money flowing into brand owners’ accounts is going to disappear. Time lack is being resolved. Quality replaces quantity. There is enough time to be with loved ones, to think about them, talk to them; to love again.

Of course this tiny creature is not an enemy. It is a friend; it is a savior. An Ambassador which is saving our planet from destroyers. Yes, our planet, our ancestors’ and next generations’ home. It recovers unity and balance of the nature, also teaches great lessons.

I would not consider it an enemy even if it takes a loved one from me; the harder the training, the lasting the lesson.

Yes I would say: SALUTE CORONA

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Times Of Earth’s editorial stance.

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