The fight for jobs here at home: Hire Union Americans First

By Dan Murphy with Frank Spotorno
Frank Spotorno’s fight to bring our jobs home to America has taken a detour. Recently Spotorno has been focusing his attention on the thriving construction industry in New York City and the fact that, on most NYC construction jobs sites, more than 70% of the workers are undocumented. 
“Union members and American citizens are being passed over for jobs right here in New York City,” said Spotorno. “Yes we need to bring some of the millions of manufacturing and call center jobs back to the USA from overseas, but at the same time we need to call out those who are refusing to hire union members and Americans on job sites right here at home.” 
The reason union members are being passed over for jobs on most construction sites? No elected official or government agency is willing to enforce the laws on the books and require that all employees fill out an I-9 form. 
NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio, a progressive liberal, has proclaimed NYC to be a sanctuary city. De Blasio continues to get union support and endorsement despite the fact that he refuses to address the illegal hiring all over his city. 
Republicans in NYC also refuse to address the problem because of their alliance with the Real Estate Board of New York, REBNY, a powerful interest group that wants the redevelopment of NYC to continue and wants projects built at the cheapest price. 
Spotorno has clashed with REBNY before. For the past three years, Spotorno, an elevator inspector and manufacturer located in Queens, NY, has tried to get New York State to pass elevator safety legislation which would require that elevator mechanics and inspectors be licensed and trained. REBNY has successfully blocked the legislation in the republican majority NY State Senate. 
“This is the problem with our politicians today. There’s nobody looking out for the working man, and the American worker that has played by the rules and paid their taxes. They can’t find a job because both parties look the other way when it comes to speaking out for jobs for Americans. I won’t stop speaking out until someone takes notice and takes action and enforces the laws on the books.”
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