America Cannot Take Chances

By Glenn Mollette
We know our world is filled with evil people and ISIS proved it again in Paris.
The radical Muslims associated with ISIS are unable to do anything but kill and destroy. They are a cancer to any country and to all good people. Christian people of America would love to think we could simply just send more missionaries with Bibles to Syria and try to convert them all to Jesus. Tragically, all the women would be raped and chained while the men would be beheaded. It would be nice to hear about ISIS militants coming to their senses and leaving Syria with help and support for the free and democratic countries of the world. However, would we be able to trust them? How do we know which ones to trust?
We look upon Syrian refugees with suspicion and rightly so. We only need one rogue refugee to get into America, Germany and yes France and kill hundreds or thousands at a public event.  Is it worth losing innocent Americans over our sympathy for the refugees? This is not a hard question to answer. The answer is no.
We should try to help the Turks who need weapons and financial support in Syria. We should try to create some safe zones in Iraq and Afghanistan for those needing to flee Syria. Better and easier for them to go there than to come here.
Germany will soon regret opening their gates to Syria and America will regret it as well. Sounds unchristian? Is it unchristian to protect our families and our children? Do you open wide the doors of your house if you have a mix of non poisonous and poisonous snakes crawling in the nearby woods? I feel confident there are many good Syrian people. They need to stay in the Middle East for the time being.
What should America do immediately? Secure our borders. Stop entry into this country by all refugees from the Middle East. This is not a permanent decision but it needs to be in effect for the time being.  Work with others to create safe zones in Iraq, Afghanistan and even in Syria.
Work with other people. Don\’t gripe about Russia killing ISIS! Why do we care if Russia kills ISIS? Is our government worried that Russia will get the credit for stopping ISIS?  Are we afraid they might get control of some oil?  We must also support and applaud the efforts of what France is doing to combat ISIS. We must tell Turkey and all the other surrounding countries that they need to get involved in this because we will not be there to bail them out when ISIS begins to attack their communities. Finally, we must cut off as much of the money flow from ISIS as possible. This means taking out any oil refineries they have access to. If we are going to drop bombs on Syria we need to make them count.
Did somebody really say we should only let Christian Syrians into the country and not Muslims?  If somebody said that they had to be joking or crazy. We cannot trust the ISIS terrorists, period. They will say and do anything.
America cannot take chances. We are at war. 

Glenn Mollette is an American Syndicated Columnist and Author.

The views expressed in this article are the author\’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Times Of Earth\’s editorial policy. 
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