Riot police, protesters clash in Venezuela

Hundreds of students and opposition supporters have clashed with police forces in the Venezuelan capital Caracas as they staged a rally demanding the “resurrection” of “democracy” in the South American country.
Easter marks the day Christians believe Jesus was resurrected from the dead after being crucified.
Masked protesters burned effigies of the president after a rally called "Resurrection of Democracy".
Police responded to petrol bombs in the Chacao district with tear gas and water cannon.
The demonstrators burned effigies of President Nicolas Maduro, shouting that they wanted to get rid of him and send him to Cuba.
The effigies of President Maduro and other government officials were burned to symbolize the burning of Judas, an Easter Sunday tradition that also is an expression of public discontent.
More than 40 people have died in violent protests since February and hundreds of people have been arrested.
The demonstrations started with students demanding action to tackle Venezuela\’s high crime rate, its growing inflation and shortages of certain food staples.
They have since grown into a wider opposition movement and many of the protesters say they will not stop until the government of President Maduro resigns.
Demonstrators have been protesting against Maduro\’s government since February.
Source: Agencies
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