The Olympics, Russia and America, People are People

By Glenn Mollette
I\’ve enjoyed the winter Olympics. So far as I write this there have not been any terror attacks and for this we are all glad.
The Olympics are expensive.  Russia has spent in the mega billions to host this world event.  The competition of athletes from around the world is inspiring.
I\’ve never been to Russia but after watching these events on television I believe I would like to go. Russia has been one of those places that seemed almost off the planet for modest travelers such as myself.  I suspect that I have traveled abroad more than the average American. Beyond a doubt there are good people in every place I\’ve ever been.
All over the world people are people. They are just like us. They need food to eat, some clothes to wear and shelter. Consider the hurting people of Syria. They just want some peace and rest. People have children and want the best for them.
Throughout the planet people try to get ahead as much as they are able. Most of the world population would simply like to better themselves with stronger incomes so they can purchase a little more of what the world offers for each of them. People have physical and emotional/spiritual needs all across the world.
Many of us have looked at different parts of the world with much suspect and rightly so. There are terrorists that plot against our nation who have proven their hatred for the United States. We must keep strong defense and strong intelligence programs that are on the lookout for our safety.
With this said I believe that most of the world, including Russia, is filled with good people. The Olympic games are expensive but cheaper than war. More than ever before we need the diplomacy and understanding that comes from International engagement such as these games. Too many times our world leaders sit in their ivory towers on different sides of the globe acting as if they are in a chess game with the people of the world as their pawns. Instead we need more interaction.
I would like to see Vladimer Putin and other world leaders whom we have grown to fear, and even hate, playing basketball at the President\’s nice basketball court that we installed for him. Or maybe they could sip some tea in the rose garden. The world is becoming smaller every day. We need to help each other as a people who basically need and want the same things.
There are hatemongers who will never rest until they have intimidated the free world into living behind closed doors and cringing in fear. However, the world will only benefit if the good people of this world get to know each other better and work together to accomplish what most everybody wants, which is simply peace, fulfillment of some personal goals, and an opportunity to live long, safe and healthy lives. 
Glenn Mollette is the author of American Issues

The views expressed in this article are the author\’s own and do not necessarily reflect The Times Of Earth\’s editorial policy.
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