Yemen PM unhurt in deadly rocket attack on hotel

Yemen\’s Prime Minister Khaled Bahah escaped unharmed Tuesday after a rocket attack killed and wounded an unknown number of people at a hotel in the southern city of Aden, a minister said.
Loyalist forces boosted on road to Sanaa, over 30 killedMore coalition backup for Yemen, as 33 die in air strikes AFP
"Prime Minister Khaled Bahah is in good health and was not harmed," said Nayef al-Bakri, the minister of youth and sports.
A security source and witnesses said the building had been hit by two rockets.
People had been left "dead and wounded" by the attack, a local official told AFP on condition of anonymity, without saying if that included any members of government.
He said one of the rockets hit the hotel\’s main entrance and that a third rocket fired at the building had missed and landed in the sea.
Bahah and his ministers have been installed in Aden — declared Yemen\’s provisional capital after it was taken back from Shiite Huthi rebels in mid-July — after spending six months in exile in Saudi Arabia.
Columns of smoke were rising from the Al-Qasr hotel in the city\’s western suburbs on Tuesday morning, an AFP reporter saw.
Ambulances and civil defence forces were on the scene, witnesses said.
A separate rocket attack targeted a nearby barracks used by pro-government forces, residents said, but failed to hit its target.
Troops loyal to exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, backed by a Saudi-led bombing campaign and troops and military hardware provided by Gulf countries, retook several southern provinces from Huthi rebels earlier this year.

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