The trial of disgraced politician Bo Xilai has resumed a day after he fiercely denied charges of bribery.
Bo launched an unexpectedly spirited defense Thursday, rejecting prosecutors\’ charges that he accepted $3.5 million in bribes during his time in leadership in the eastern city of Dalian.
Friday\’s hearing is expected to also focus on the remaining charges against him: embezzlement and abuse of power, related to his role in the alleged cover up of his wife\’s murder of a British businessman.
Before his downfall, Bo was a member of the Chinese Communist Party\’s 25-member Politburo and was expected to become one of the most powerful men in China at last year\’s leadership transition.
The opening day of the trial on Thursday marked the first time he was seen in public in 18 months, since shortly after the scandal emerged.
Prosecutors said Bo used his wife, Gu Kailai, and his son, Bo Guagua, as intermediaries in accepting $3.5m in the northeast city of Dalian, where Bo Xilai once held key posts.
Source: Agencies

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