Taiwan braces for Tropical Storm Trami

Fishing boats are seen docked in a harbour as tropical storm Trami approaches the northeastern coastal town of Nanfangao in Ilan county, August 21, 2013. REUTERS/Pichi Chuang
Severe Tropical Storm Trami bore down Wednesday on heavily populated northern Taiwan, prompting schools and offices to close down as heavy rains threatened to trigger landslides and other disruptions throughout the island.   
Forecasters say the storm is still over 200 kilometers east of Taipei, with wind gusts of nearly 140 kilometers per hour. 
Taiwan evacuated more than 1,000 tourists from an island.
Authorities say landslides and flooding could occur. Some areas of the heavily populated island could see rainfall of more than 100 millimeters per hour.
Financial markets, government offices, schools, and some public transit systems have been closed. Thousands of soldiers have been deployed to assist with possible relief efforts. 
Trami already killed eight people earlier this week as it passed over the Philippines. As of Wednesday, large portions of the capital, Manila, remain flooded and nearly 300,000 people are displaced.
Source: Agencies

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