Super typhoon Usagi threatens Taiwan, Northern Philippines, China

Graphic showing the forecast track of Typhoon Usagi heading towards southern Taiwan and Hong Kong on Friday. (AFP Photo/)
The Philippines, Taiwan and southern China are preparing for the arrival of a rapidly intensifying super typhoon.
Typhoon Usagi is the Pacific\’s strongest storm on record this year, with wind gusts of up to 240 kilometers per hour.
It is expected to strengthen further as it moves toward the northern Philippines and then Taiwan, before weakening and hitting China\’s southern coast.
The Philippines evacuated some northern coastal villages and called in fishing boats ahead of the storm\’s expected arrival late Friday.
Forecasters expect the center of the storm to pass just south of Taiwan, but say its northeastern tip could hit the island Saturday. 
In southern China, the Xinhua news agency said authorities issued a disaster relief alert ahead of its expected arrival late Sunday.
Source: Agencies

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