Suicide car bombing kills 15 people in Pakistan

Image taken on November 26, 2008 Pakistani Taliban militants during a patrol in the Mamouzai area of Orakzai Agency (AFP/File, Tariq Mahmood)
At least 15 people were killed in an attack on a pro-government militia commander in Pakistan\’s lawless northwestern tribal area on Thursday morning, security forces said.
A senior government official said the attacker drove a car filled with explosives into the headquarters of anti-Taliban militant commander Nabi Hanfi, in the Orakzai tribal area, on Thursday. At least six people were wounded in the attack.
A Taliban spokesman claimed responsibility for the attack. He said Hanfi, who survived the attack, would remain on the Taliban\’s list of targets.
The Taliban have waged a decade-long struggle for power in Pakistan\’s northwest tribal regions, in an attempt to bring the area under Islamic law. Some militia leaders, like Hanfi, have partnered with the government to oppose those efforts.
This attack comes against a backdrop of apparent rifts within the ranks of the Pakistani Taliban over an offer of talks by new Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.
There are dozens of militant groups operating under the banner of the Pakistani Taliban (TTP).
Source: Agencies

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