Pakistani couple stoned to death for adultery; six arrested

Authorities in Pakistan say six people have been arrested in connection with the stoning death of a couple accused of adultery.
Officials say that the arrests were made in southwestern Baluchistan province, and that a cleric believed to have issued the order to kill the couple was among those taken into custody.
Talking to VOA’s Deewa Radio, Shams Mandokhel, a member of Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, said such incidents are not new in the area.
"This is oppression, this is brutality, killing them and hitting them with stones.  There is a report that they were buried without a funeral.  There is no bigger oppression than this.  These type of incidents happen in Baluchistan but they are not reported," said Mandokhel.
Hundreds of people are killed in Pakistan each year in "honor" killings.
Source: VOA and agencies

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