Pakistan hangs four convicted of Taliban massacre at school

Taliban gunmen slaughtered more than 150 people at a school in the northwest of the country in December (AFP Photo/Hasham Ahmed)
Pakistan executed four men on Wednesday for involvement in the massacre of 134 children at an army-run school in the northwestern city of Peshawar last year, media and security sources said.
The hangings were the first execution of civilians convicted by Pakistan\’s military courts, which were set up after the massacre through a constitutional amendment.
The executions were confirmed by three security sources, two of whom are based in Kohat, where the men were hanged early in the morning at the city\’s civilian-run central jail.
The four men had been convicted on August 13, according to a military statement earlier in the week. All were said to belong to the Toheedwal Jihad Group (TWG), a heretofore unheard of faction of the Pakistani Taliban.

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