Nigeria says will prevent Ebola spread from DR Congo

Map of the Democratic Republic of Congo, locating a new outbreak of Ebola virus near the town of Bikoro, on the shores of Lake Tumba in the north-western Equateur province. (AFP Photo/Sabrina BLANCHARD, Vincent LEFAI)
 The Nigerian government on Wednesday said it was acting to prevent the spread of Ebola from Democratic Republic of Congo where an outbreak of the disease has killed 17 people.
The federal government had put in place an emergency programme to monitor all border activity to keep Nigerians safe, Health Minister Isaac Adewole said after a cabinet meeting.
"We will be screening incoming passengers, particularly passengers from DRC and neighbouring countries. (The) Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) will also consider sending some team to DRC as part of building capacity for managing the outbreak," he added.
Nigeria, which does not share a border with DR Congo, is the only country in West Africa with a mobile laboratory for haemorrhagic fevers.
Funded by the European Union it can carry out rapid testing even in the most remote areas.
Ebola is one of the world\’s most notorious diseases, being both highly infectious and extremely lethal.
There is no current vaccine to prevent Ebola or licensed treatment for it.

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