Iranian dissidents killed in Iraq camp, UN demands inquiry

In this file photo taken February 17, 2012, Iraqi security forces are seen entering through the main gate of Camp Ashraf, northeast of Baghdad.
At least 47 Iranian opposition members are believed to have been killed in "Ashraf City," also known as Camp Ashraf, after the refugee camp was stormed by Iraqi security forces Sunday.
The Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, known as MEK, and the Iraqi government have offered different accounts of Sunday\’s unrest.
MEK says a raid launched by Iraqi security forces killed at least 44 people at Camp Ashraf, a community northeast of Baghdad that is home to about 100 MEK members who oppose Iran\’s clerical regime.
Iraqi authorities say camp residents were killed as a result of infighting, and denied Iraqi forces were involved.  But a police official, who wished to remain anonymous, said rockets did hit the camp after residents came out and attacked an Iraqi brigade.
Iraqi authorities say they are still trying to determine the number of casualties.
United Nations officials said they were still trying to establish what happened at Camp Ashraf early on Sunday.
"It appears that deadly force has been used and that a number of people have been killed or wounded,\’\’ a statement from the UN refugee agency said.
The statement also called on Iraqi officials to ensure security for residents at the camp and urged an end to the violence so medical help can reach the wounded.
Source: Agencies

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