Iran says four arrested for trying to sabotage nuclear site

Salehi (left), 64, was appointed to his current post in August 2013 by President Rouhani.
Iran\’s nuclear chief said Sunday that authorities arrested four workers in an alleged sabotage plot involving one of the country\’s nuclear facilities, hinting that authorities were looking at suspected international links such as Israel. 
Ali Akbar Salehi, said officials had monitored and then arrested a "number of saboteurs" before they could carry out their plan.
"Some time ago, we uncovered sabotage activities by several people at a nuclear plant," he said in comments carried by the Mehr news agency on Sunday. 
"We let them continue their activities so that we could gather more intelligence.
"We arrested them at the appropriate moment and their interrogation is ongoing."
Salehi did not identify which nuclear site they were planning to damage or when those detained were arrested.
Israel, widely believed to be the region\’s only nuclear-armed state, sees Iran\’s atomic work as a military threat and has said it will attack Iran\’s nuclear sites if it does not end its programme. Iran says its nuclear work is purely peaceful.
Iran accuses Israel and Western nations of being behind the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists and of trying to damage its programme in other ways, such as by cyber attacks.
Source: Agencies

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