Heavy monsoon rains kill more than 90 in India, leave thousands homeless

A view of a flooded road on the banks of river Ganga, pictured after heavy monsoon rains in the northern India caused the rise in water levels, in Allahabad, India, August 2, 2015. REUTERS
India\’s Home Ministry says heavy monsoon rains have killed more than 90 people in the past week and forced tens of thousands of people to take shelter in state-run relief camps.
A ministry statement says a cyclone struck the worst-hit state of West Bengal, where 48 people have been killed.
Another 28 deaths were reported from western Rajasthan state, the statement said.
On Saturday, at least 20 people were swept away by a landslide that flattened up to 10 homes in a tiny village in the northeastern Manipur state, a spokesman for the National Disaster Response Force said Sunday.
The annual monsoon season in India stretches from June through September-end. It causes deaths and severe damage to homes and food crops.

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