China says three killed in attack at Xinjiang train station

Security was tight outside the station following the explosion.
At least three people were killed and 79 injured when an explosion rocked a train station in Urumqi, the capital of China\’s restive Xinjiang province, on the final day of a presidential visit designed to promote Beijing\’s war on terrorism.
Police say the attackers slashed people with knives and set off a bomb apparently between the station exit and a bus stop in the capital of Urumqi.
Chinese President Xi Jinping, who had just ended a four-day visit to Xinjiang Wednesday, immediately pledged "decisive actions." He said there will be no slack in the fight against violence and terrorism.
No one has claimed responsibility for the attack.
Xinjiang is home to China\’s Muslim Uighur minority. The Uighurs accuse the central government of violent repression while Chinese authorities accuse them of waging a terrorist campaign for separatism.
A stabbing rampage in a railroad station in Yunnan province last month killed 29 people. Authorities blamed that attack on Uighur separatists.
Source: Agencies

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