Afghan bomber targets military bus, kills 6 soldiers

Afghan National Army soldiers keep watch during a combat training exercise at the Afghan National Military training center in Kabul on October 22, 2014 (AFP Photo/Wakil Kohsar)
A suicide bomber killed six Afghan soldiers in an attack on a military minibus on Thursday, officials said, in the first attack in the capital Kabul for more than a week.
Another 10 people were wounded, said Farid Afzali, the chief of criminal investigation for Kabul police. He said the wounded included civilians but could give no further details.
The attack happened on a busy road in the east of the city during the morning rush hour.
"The suicide bomber was on foot," said Hashmat Stanikzai, spokesman for the Kabul provincial police chief.
The Taliban claimed responsibility.
The attack marks the resumption of an intensified anti-government campaign by the insurgents after a lull in attacks on targets in the city.
In recent weeks, the insurgents have targeted military, diplomatic and foreign installations in and around Kabul, in what appears to be a change in tactics to gain maximum publicity.
Source: AP

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