25 bodies found in two Mexican states

The body of a victim lies at the side of the road after a Mexican navy vice admiral was ambushed in his SUV in Michoacan state on July 28 2013. (AFP / Getty Images)
At least 25 bodies have been found in western Mexico where local vigilante groups are battling drug cartels for control. 
Mexican law enforcement officials said nine men, their hands bound and shot, were found Saturday in Michoacan state where local residents have been fighting the Knights Templar drug cartel. 
In neighboring Guerrero state, another 16 bodies were found. 
None of the victims have been identified and no one has claimed responsibility for the violence. 
The government of President Enrique Pena Nieto has deployed thousands of troops in the troubled area in an effort to curb the drug-related violence.
Source: Agencies

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