Sudan floods kill 36, affect almost 150,000: UN

A Sudanese man sits next to his house in a flooded street on the outskirts of the capital Khartoum on August 10, 2013. Reuters
Heavy rains and floods in Sudan have killed at least 36 people and affected almost 150,000 in the past week.
The United Nations estimated Sunday 26,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged.
Eight of the deaths occurred in the greater Khartoum area, where almost 60,000 people were affected. The northern Nile state has been the worst hit, but several other regions have also been inundated.
Many Sudanese live in one-room homes built of mud bricks which can easily wash away.
Residents whose houses were still standing had dragged their belongings outside, where some sat on beds trying to stay above the brown water.
The rains started in early August and are predicted to continue for some time.
Source: Agencies

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