Thousands of Yemenis rally in support of separatists in Aden

Thousands of Yemenis have rallied in the port city of Aden in support of southern separatists who seized the city from the country\’s internationally recognized government.
Protesters in downtown Aden on Thursday chanted "Oh Revolution of the South" and waved flags of the old state of South Yemen. Yemen was split into two countries during much of the Cold War before unifying in 1994.
The protesters demanded the separatists from the Southern Transitional Council hold on to positions in Aden they had taken in last week\’s fighting, which killed more than 70 people, including civilians.
The escalation in Aden adds another complexity to Yemen\’s civil war. The separatists and the government forces are ostensibly allies in the Saudi-led coalition that\’s been battling the Houthi rebels in northern Yemen since 2015.

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