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Pakistan summons Indian diplomat after 5 killed in KashmirSun, 09 Jul, 2017 | Posted By: The Times Of Earth (TOE)

Pakistan summons Indian diplomat after 5 killed in Kashmir Members of a non-governmental organization 'Youth Forum for Kashmir' chant anti Indian slogans during a rally to mark 1st anniversary of the death of a young rebel leader Burhan Wani, who was killed by Indian troops last year, in Lahore. Associated P
Pakistan says it has summoned an Indian diplomat after five civilians were killed by "unprovoked" Indian fire across the Line of Control in the disputed Kashmir region.

The Foreign Ministry announced the move Sunday, a day after Pakistan's military said Indian forces had shelled two areas. India said Pakistani shelling across the Line of Control killed and off-duty soldier and his wife on Saturday, calling it an "unprovoked" violation of a 2003 cease-fire agreement.

The two nuclear-armed rivals have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir, which both claim in its entirety, since gaining independence from British colonial rule in 1947. The Himalayan region is split between Indian and Pakistani-controlled zones separated by the heavily militarized Line of Control.

SOURCE: Associated Press
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