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British Airways says computer outage causing global delaysSat, 27 May, 2017 | Posted By: The Times Of Earth (TOE)

British Airways says computer outage causing global delays FILE - In this Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017 file photo, British Airways planes are parked at Heathrow Airport during a 48hr cabin crew strike in London. AP
Air travelers faced delays Saturday because of a worldwide computer systems failure at British Airways, the airline said.

BA apologized in a statement for what it called an "IT systems outage" and said it was working to resolve the problem. It said in a tweet that the problem is global.

Passengers at Heathrow Airport reported long lines at check-in and flight delays. One posted a picture on Twitter of BA staff writing gate numbers on a white board.

"We've tried all of the self-check-in machines. None were working, apart from one," said Terry Page, booked on a flight to Texas. "There was a huge queue for it and it later transpired that it didn't actually work, but you didn't discover that until you got to the front."

The problem comes on a holiday weekend, when thousands of Britons are travelling.

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