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Indian train accident kills 37

Indian train accident kills 37 Mon, 19 Aug, 2013

An Indian express train has ploughed into a crowd of Hindu pilgrims in the country's east, killing at least 37, an Indian Railways spokesman says.
Volcano in southern Japan erupts

Volcano in southern Japan erupts Mon, 19 Aug, 2013

A volcano in southern Japan has erupted, creating a spectacular plume of ash 3.1 miles high.

Three embassies reopen in Yemen Sun, 18 Aug, 2013

The British, French and German embassies in Yemen were reopening Sunday after shutting down in response to terrorism threats, officials said.
Thousands evacuated across Russia's flood-hit Far East

Thousands evacuated across Russia's flood-hit Far East Sun, 18 Aug, 2013

As many as 100,000 people may be evacuated from their homes near Russia's border with China if the region's biggest floods for 120 years get worse, Russian media reported on Saturday. 

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Three US senators balk at health bill, putting reform in jeopardy

US Republican efforts to reform health care hit a roadblock Thursday when three senators threatened to oppose a partial repeal of Obamacare unless House leaders pledged to negotiate further -- but that demand later appeared to be met. Trump says transgender personnel barred from US military EU court upholds Hamas terror listing Hezbollah says nearing victory in battle at Lebanon-Syria border Wildfires force evacuation of 12,000 in French Riviera towns Venezuela regime hit by US sanctions, strike

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Donald Trump in Saudi Arabia on first foreign trip

Dogged by controversy at home, Donald Trump opened his first foreign trip as president in Saudi Arabia on Saturday, looking to shift attention from a ...

Venezuelan women protest against President Maduro

Dressed in white and chanting "Liberty!", tens of thousands of women opposed to Venezuela's socialist President Nicolas Maduro marched on Saturday, pr ...

Protesters Storm Macedonia Parliament

Macedonian police fired stun grenades on Thursday evening to disperse protesters outside the parliament and clear the way for the evacuation of lawmak ...

UK parliament terror attack

Four people were killed and 20 injured in a "terrorist" attack at the gates of British democracy Wednesday when a man mowed down pedestrians, then sta ...


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The Return of Good Policies for Bad Reasons

“Throughout the most of human evolution both progress as well as its horizontal transmission was extremely slow, occasional and tedious a proces ...

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