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Jailed Maldives ex-president allowed to travel to UK for surgery

Jailed Maldives ex-president allowed to travel to UK for surgery Sat, 16 Jan, 2016

The Maldives' opposition leader Mohamed Nasheed, who is serving a 13-year jail term following a controversial trial, has been given permission to travel to Britain for surgery, the government said Saturday.

The Case Against Re-Banning Torture Yet Again Wed, 17 Dec, 2014

Senator Ron Wyden has a petition up at that reads "Right now, torture is banned because of President Obama's executive order. It's time for Congress to pass a law banning torture,
Nelson Mandela dies at age 95

Nelson Mandela dies at age 95 Fri, 06 Dec, 2013

Former South African President Nelson Mandela died peacefully at his Johannesburg home on Thursday after a prolonged lung infection. He was 95.
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Herat, the fire´s bride

The olive eyes of Shaista peep between the bandages covering her burnt body, for she, like so many other Afghan women from the city of Herat, decided ...

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