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Syria - Count The Cost Tue, 03 Sep, 2013

The President and Congress will make the decisions when it comes to Syria. They and military leadership have far more information than I. However, we will not go into Syria, throw our rocks and run back home unscathed. The scathing may occur immediately or weeks or months later.

Congressional Progressive / Pentagon Caucus Tue, 03 Sep, 2013

Back in 2007, the Congressional Progressive Caucus helped organize 90 Congress members to commit to voting against war funding.  Most of them turned around and voted for war funding.

Caveman Credibility and its Costs Tue, 03 Sep, 2013

Sending a bunch of $3 million missiles into Syria to blow stuff up will kill a great many men, women, and children directly.  It will also kill a great many people indirectly, as violence escalates in response -- an established pattern recognized even by the war-promoting Washington Post.

Possible Consequences of a U.S. military attack on Syria—Remembering the Marine Barracks destruction in Beirut, 1983 Sun, 01 Sep, 2013

Its 4 a.m. and I can’t sleep, just like 10 years ago when President Bush was telling the world that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and the United States must invade and occupy Iraq to rid humanity of these weapons.  I didn’t believe President Bush ten years ago and I resigned as a U.S. diplomat.

Cruise Missile Law Enforcement Sun, 01 Sep, 2013

The White House is treating the Syrian government like a potential drone strike victim.

Malaysia: Desperately needing a new national narrative Fri, 30 Aug, 2013

The ritualistic month long celebration of Merdeka (independence) activities have largely lost their meaning. Discussion about the roles that different groups played in the road to independence has largely been rewritten to support the current rulers of today. 

Opposition to Iraq War May Save Syria Thu, 29 Aug, 2013

Evidence of "weapons of mass destruction" is "no slam dunk," U.S. officials are saying this time around, reversing the claim made about Iraq by then-CIA director George Tenet.

The American Jobs Crisis Thu, 29 Aug, 2013

On any given day, Congress debates cutting entitlement programs versus strengthening them. Programs such as food stamps and supplemental nutrition for women, infants and children are part of the debate. Free lunch programs feed as many as 60% of children in some impoverished counties. 

Future of Europe (Of Lisbon and Generational Interval) Mon, 26 Aug, 2013

e EU of social welfare or of generational warfare, the continent of debt-bound economies or of knowledge-based community? Is the predatory generation in power? Why the only organized counter-narrative comes as a lukewarm Mouse Mickey – between Anonymous and Pirate party, from the Wiki-leaky to Snowden-picky.

Lying About Syria, and the Lying Liars Who Lie About the Lying Sun, 25 Aug, 2013

"U.S. prepares for possible retaliatory strike against Syria," announces a Los Angeles Times headline, even though Syria has not attacked the United States or any of its occupied territories or imperial forces and has no intention to do so.

10 Problems with the Latest Excuse for War Sun, 25 Aug, 2013

If you own a television or read a newspaper you've probably heard that we need another war because the Syrian government used chemical weapons.

Clinging to Mass Violence Tue, 20 Aug, 2013

Is the human race determined to snuff itself out through mass violence?  There are many signs that it is. The most glaring indication lies in the continued popularity of war.

Village Security and Development Committees (JKKK): The frontline in Malaysia's next General Election Mon, 19 Aug, 2013

Malaysian society has been preoccupied with political discussion since the electoral 'tsunami' in of GE-12 back in March 2008. 

Apology to Canada From Your Southern Neighbor Mon, 19 Aug, 2013

I don't speak for the United States or harbor any affection for nationalism.  I'd break this country into several manageable pieces if I could.  

Spy on Me, I'm Innocent! Sat, 17 Aug, 2013

You've heard people say they want to be spied on, as long as it means that other people will be spied on too. 
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